• 3 Reasons “NFPA 701 Compliant” Disposable FR Safety Wear Won’t Give You The Protection You Need

    Lakeland has found that too often manufacturers misrepresent their secondary FR disposable product stating it meets standards for repellency, burn and flame. In actuality, their product has not been tested in a similar workplace environment to which the garment would be worn. This is the case for many secondary disposable garments that claim to be NFPA 701 compliant, which put the wearers at risk for the following reasons:

    • Repellency
    • Burn & heat transfer performance
    • Flame response

    Manufacturers of secondary FR disposable clothing often do not do a thorough job explaining the hazards of flame and electric arc, saturation and burn. To ensure your customer’s most important assets are protected, it is important to have a full understanding of a garments’ performance as it is meant to be worn in the workplace setting.

    Watch the revealing new product comparison video with research that exposes the dangers of inferior disposable FR clothing:


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